Contoh surat penawaran kerjasama dalam bahasa Inggris

by - Februari 13, 2019

Contoh surat penawaran kerjasama dalam bahasa Inggris untuk Ujian Kompetensi jurusan Administrasi Perkantoran

No.      : 137/MS/II/2018                                           
February 21, 2018

Mr. Smith
Director S Store
Cause Point Woodland

Subject : Offer Cooperation

Dear Mr. Smith
We are from PT. Mandala Store want to go forward in this case intendeds to Offer cooperation with yours S Store to be a distributor of our products in the form of : Food Product.
Mechanism of cooperation form  we can explain further S Store  is interested in our cooperation. We hope you can contact us soon.
Similiarly, we have made a letter of offer this cooperation, for the attention and cooperation we tahnk you.                                                                                            

                                Sincerely yours,

Giefahri mandala M.Sc
                                                                                                        President Director

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